Digital Eel (Brainpipe) has announced a revamp of Goblin Slayer, its free two-player boardgame of heroic adventure and underground combat, with a full-color update that the developer says transforms it into "a complete finished production that stands up to any fantasy game in print".

In Goblin Slayer, one player manages a tribe of goblins (and a cave troll) guarding a priceless artifact in the Cave of Woe. His or her opponent controls Stormbeard, a dwarf armed with a battleaxe, and must explore the cavern, steal the artifact, and escape alive. The game uses a special "geomorphic board" designed to create a different cave system each time it's played.

All you need to play the game are dice and coins -- the manual, board tiles, stand up characters, and boxart are all available to download and print for free. The new update introduces new full-color art from Orlando Ramirez, James "One Monk" Hartman and Andrew Tullsen. You can grab the Goblin Slayer files from Digital Eel's site.

And if you'd rather pay someone for all this work, you can purchase a pre-made version of the game that includes the boards, figures, dice, and other necessary items to play from Andrew Tullsen for around $30. He'll also custom create a "deluxe version" for $50, though I'm not sure what the entails. Maybe you can replace Stormbeard with a muscled-out stand up of yourself?

Digital Eel has at least two other board games that you might want to check out, too: Eat Electric Death, a tactical starship combat board game set in the Weird Worlds universe; and Space Ludo, which is essentially Ludo set in space with new rules (e.g. deathmatch, wormholes).