Carnegie Mellon University professor Jesse Schell delivered a riveting "Design Outside The Box" presentation at DICE Summit last week, in which he delves into the "big, strange, and terrifying" world of Facebook games and discusses the psychological tricks behind the success of unexpected breakout hits like Webkinz, Club Penguin, and Mafia Wars.

Our sister-site Gamasutra posted a great write-up with key quotes and excerpts from the talk, but G4 has now put up a video of Schell's presentation, allowing you to enjoy his entertaining delivery on the magic behind trend-changers and on the value of "realness" rising in video games ("We live in a bubble of fake bullshit, and we'll do anything to get to what is real.").

You can read more of Schell's thoughts on video games, books, and many other topics at his personal blog.