Katamari Damacy art never gets old, no, and this painting is especially captivating. I'm curious about how the trailing luminescence was accomplished -- it really seems to gleam -- and, less importantly, whether the artist also painted his own box of tissues. (Probably not, OK, but it strangely ties the room together.)

Weekly Geek host (and painter!) Chris Furniss writes that he was commissioned by a friend to complete this canvas. I think it turned out very nicely! And I especially like how all the hearts sort of make it into a Companion Katamari.

In further amazingness, Maya Pixelskaya -- come on, that has to be a pseudonym -- hand-painted three Day of the Tentacle neckties.

Here is one of those ties.


The prince [Via Wasabi Sunshine]
Purple Tentacle Tie [Via Geekadelphia]