As part of my continuing efforts to connect with other poindexters located in the Midwestern United States, I have bravely ventured out alone to at least one of the Chicago Nerd Social Club-sanctioned events and/or mixers.

Next on the Calendar of Events: D&D 101, a tutorial for nerds who (like me!) have never so much as balked at a tabletop role-playing game. (My girlhood unfortunately coincided with a phenomenon now known as the Satanic panic, so for this Southern Baptist, Dungeons and Dragons and video games with RPG elements were anathema.)

The A.V. Club recently interviewed D&D 101 host Phil Kalata, and every one of the man's quotes is a winner.

On what those of us who have never played D&D are thinking:
"You likely knew gamers in high school and college and thought, Is it possible that the bespectacled, over-and-underweight guys who spend their weekends in a basement quoting Monty Python and rolling dice are actually having a better time than I am?"

On RPGs' potential appeal to the feminist ladies:
"This is someone who wants strong characters in fiction and wants to be a strong person. This is perfect fodder for a role-player."

On assembling a crew to play with:
"Play with people you like. Play with people whose company you actively seek out [...], not someone you merely tolerate."

D&D 101 is scheduled for next Sunday, February 21.

Last month, the Nerd Social Club's Video Game Committee hosted a Left 4 Dead 2 LAN party.

[D&D 101: Why now is the time to start role-playing]