Granted, I've done plenty of filching from the (terrific!) Sprite Stitch blog and forum over the last two weeks, but I'm going to do it just one more time. And I am mostly unapologetic about that, because, look. Just look at this detail from an incredible, embroidered throw pillow.

All told, 26,000 stitches were required to render this scene from Hideo Kojima's Snatcher (Sega CD, 1994):


Our hero, Deckard-lookalike Gillian Seed, is crouching, very obviously ready to spring into action, with little Metal Gear at his side. It took Sprite Stitch forumgoer klammyq about eighteen months to complete this painstakingly detailed pillow. I mean, have you ever seen such a tautly-plotted pillow? (I'll answer my own question: No. You haven't.)

[Snatcher Cross Stitch Pillow]