[NOTE FROM SIMON: It's guest editor time, since the stalwart Eric Caoili is out on vacay, and this is the first post from our designated awesome backup QB, for which... heck, read on, you'll work it out.]

So, your regularly scheduled GameSetWatch co-editor Eric is taking a deserved holiday -- vacationing in a tropical climate, we can only hope, perhaps with a little paper umbrella in his drink, maybe with a maraschino cherry skewered on the end of a tiny plastic sword.

This is probably not the case, but it's how we like to picture him. When we ourselves last went on a tropical vacation, we made the mistake of bringing our laptop along, and we ultimately wasted the whole holiday hunched over the Internet in a big, floppy sunhat.

No matter what exactly Eric Caoili is up to, however, Jenn Frank will be GameSetWatch's guest editor for the next two weeks, and beginning with this very post. And here she is now: blogging in a Chicago coffeehouse where they offer free WiFi with every coffee purchase.

You may remember her work from such exciting adventures as the Retronauts podcast (most recently Episode 68), some reviews, perhaps a few features at 1UP.com, a single piece at Wired.com, or for that time she snuck into a Sony party using Phil Fish's IGF trophy as collateral.

Nowadays, she mainly flits around on her own ill-advised and scarcely-updated blog, Infinite Lives, where she used to write about herself in the third person, much like this, until she finally surrendered to first.

Probably her credentials are none too reassuring, but all the same she'll do her very best to fill Mr. Caoili's shoes, updating you (and on schedule!) with interesting (we hope!) bits of relevant (perhaps?) video game pop culture.