Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV and its C64-esque graphics already seemed like a low fidelity experience, but Markus Persson has created an even more stripped down version of the game as part of the Java4K 2010 Competition, a contest to create games in Java sized under 4KB.

Cutely titled VVV, this de-make tribute was written with Cavanagh's permission. The game carries over a lot of features and elements from the original platformer -- you're still saving stranded crew members, and can even open a mini-map by hitting "M". You can play VVV and the competition's other entries for free at the Java4k site.

As IndieGames.com's Michael Rose points out, playing VVVVVV's musics in the background as you flip your way through VVV is great. Composer Magnus "Souleye" PĂ„lsson has released the full soundtrack (titled PPPPPP), so you can do just that!