You might have seen Strange Loop Games's Vessel in Monday's IGF 2010 Main Competition finalists announcement, shortlisted for the Technical Excellence award. Up until now, though, there's been little media available for the game, leaving many scratching their heads over what about Vessel it so great.

With its IGF finalist nomination, Strange Loop Games uploaded this new trailer to show off the 2D puzzle platformer, as well as its impressive physics and fluid simulation. The game follows Arkwright, a tinkerer whose "mechanized-fluid automatons" are running amok at different industrial sites, as he collects the creatures while running around with a device that looks and acts a lot like Super Mario Sunshine's FLUDD squirter.

Vessel is the first project from the Seattle-based studio, which was founded by two Pandemic Studios Brisbane veterans, John Krajewski and Martin Farren. Strange Loop Games hasn't announced a release date for the title yet, but says its planned for "console and PC".