Though someone already created a real, playable version of Polybius -- the urban legend arcade game that supposedly drove some players to suicide and was eventually seized by mysterious government agents -- several years ago, Spanish video artist Raquel Meyers and chip musician Goto80 have created their own interpretation of the mythical machine.

Their audio visual experiment, The Polybius Experience, hopefully won't cause any players to kill themselves, it still looks to replicate some of the disagreeable side effects that the original Polybius was rumored to provoke through sinneslöschen, or "sense deleting":

"The purpose of Polybius is to explore the relationship between fiction and reality by creating a feeling of losing your senses. ... By combining line-vector aesthetics with video manipulation and 8-bit technology, we want to induce feelings of apophenia, amnesia and panic. We want to develop a new media identity dialogue by playing with human perceptions of incompatible symbolism and representations."

Myers and Goto80 showed off The Polybius Experience last November in Brussels last November (as far as I know, there were no reports of mass-suicides following the event, though it wouldn't surprise me if men in black covered them up), and plan to bring out Polybius 2.0 this Friday at the PlazaPlus Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

You can find more information on the event (written in Dutch) at PlazaPlus's site. Note that The Polybius Experience comes with an epilepsy warning, so you might want to skip it if you're prone to epileptic seizures. I've also included promotional photos of Polybius 2.0 and screenshots from the first Polybius showing after the break.

[Via Minusbaby]