While Tokyo parties with Fami-Mode this weekend, New York City will hold its own special 8-bit music event at The Tank's monthly chiptune show Pulsewave. This Saturday's Pulsewave features the TCTD Awards Gala, the second annual award show hosted by True Chip Till Death, a site dedicated to chip music and related disciplines.

The gala will give out awards for 2009's best record label, live visualist, oldschool demo production, track, artist, etc. The albums nominated for "Best Release" include Bud Melvin's Popular Music, Bondage Fairies's Cheap Italian Wine, Alex Mauer's Vegavox2, C-jeff's Electric, and compilation CD Blip Festival 2008: 32 Live Recordings.

Several headline acts are scheduled to play at the event: Animal Style and American Elf author James Kochalka Superstar. Glomag, Oxygenstar, and visual artist No Carrier will perform at Pulsewave, too, as will special guests Trash Can Man (nominated for "Best Live Performer), Mark Denardo of Graffiti Monsters, and Peter Berkman of Anamanaguchi.

You can watch a Bad Dudes NES Rom flyer for this weekend's Pulsewave after the break! True Chip Til Death has a list and accompanying media for all the awards categories and nominees at its site.