Super Ramen Brothers, the absurd iPhone game created in 24 hours by Alex Schwartz and Yilmaz Kiymaz with design ideas/descisions from the TouchArcade community, is now on on the handset's App Store, available to download for free.

"We put this game on the App Store for free so the community can play it," explains Schwartz. "It's our gift, and something we wanted to do to commemorate the start of the decade. It was all for the fans, and we wanted to do this for fun, not profit."

In case you managed to forget the game's unique concept, Super Ramen Brothers has you controlling a pack of instant noodles on a cashier's conveyor belt, avoiding and jumping over items from someone's grocery list while collecting soy sauce pockets. Also, a cat's head pops in from the bottom left corner occasionally to yell out "Ramelicious" and "Encore".