Studio Kinglux's Gameface photo project is similar to a few other galleries we've seen before of gamer expressions -- Robbie Cooper's Immersion, Sony's Play Face campaign in Japan, and Phillip Toledano's "Gamers" images -- but this one shares its portraits in a well-put-together photobook.

"These are the expressions of people locked into digital combat, unleashing pixellated sorcery, and solving abstract, geometric puzzles," the book's introduction reads. "They are the facial postures when the mind is consumed with split second decisions that result in (virtual) life and death outcomes on a constant basis."

The book points out a common thread in several of the photographs: PC gamers absentmindedly touching their face while playing. Studio Kinglux has several theories why they -- and probably you, when you're not even thinking about it -- feel the need to feel their own fingers against their lips:

"Is it a subconscious need to touch something real, when the other hand is directing an avatar through an electronic reality? Could it just be a simple -- yet private - personal touch, inadvertently made public? Is it the result of the mind, deep in digital illusion, fooled into feeling alone in a crowded space?"

You can flip through the Gameface photobook online at Issuu and even request a copy from Studio Kinglux at the firm's site.