After sifting through thousands of submissions, Sony Computer Entertainment America picked out 11 contestants for The Tester, its reality show competition to decide which of the entrants will receive an SCEA game tester job and a $5,000 signing bonus. Model and online music show host Meredith Molinari will anchor The Tester's eight episodes, which should all appear online and on PSN.

The announced cast, which you can profiles for at the show's official site, is a diverse group with men and women aged 22 to 36 years old, citing games like Magical Drop 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as their favorite titles. The come from a wide range of professions, too: student, paramedic, cheerleading coach, and used car salesman, for example.

Sony has collected several notable panelists from the gaming industry: SCE's release manager Brent Gocke, God of War director David Jaffe, PlayStation Home producer Katherine De Leon, and many others. The platform holder also plans to announce a celebrity judge at a later date. 51 Minds, the same company behind other reality series like Surreal Life and Rock of Love, is producing the show.

The contestants will compete in "a series of physical and mental challenges" to find out who deserves the coveted game tester position. I've included a few profiles of The Tester's cast members below: