Looking for a fun iPhone game project, developers Alex Schwartz and Yilmaz Kiymaz decided to host an "Extreme Ramen Challenge" in which they'd create a small title for the handset in just 24 hours, taking design suggestions from the TouchArcade community. To ensure that the results of their efforts turned out as interesting as the game jam itself, they made the design theme of their project "absurdity."

That's how Schwartz and Kiymaz ended up with Super Ramen Bros., a simple but wacky game that has two packs of instant noodles running on a cashier's conveyor belt, collecting soy sauce packets while trying to avoid running into other incoming grocery store items. What really makes it, though, is Alex's cat Link, who makes a Mortal Komabat/"Toasty!"-esque cameo every now and then.

The two devs are also submitting the Unity Engine-powered game to the App Store for free so that anyone, including the community that helped them design the title, can play it. "It's our gift, and something we wanted to do to commemorate the start of the decade," says Schwartz. "It was all for the fans, and we wanted to do this for fun, not profit."

You can read the duo's development log for Super Ramen Bros. at Schwartz's site. I've also embedded a tall video showing off it's awesome intro screens and goofy concept: