You might have noticed that several of your favorite gaming news sites received one of these paper Trojan Horses last week, each hiding a Glory of Heracles Nintendo DS cartridge sent from Nintendo. Though your all-time favorite gaming news blog, GameSetWatch, didn't receive a review copy or one of the mini horses, we do have an excellent series of photos shot by the papercraft creator himself Brian Castleforte.

According to Castleforte, he created only 30 of them for Nintendo of America. Here, you can see most of the paper horses lined up and ready to charge into battle -- if by "charge into battle", you actually mean sit in front of a fortress for hours before a group of unsuspecting Trojans pull the figure into their city.

More photos after the break, including a shot of where the Glory of Heracles DS cart hid before sneaking out in the dead of night and opening the city gates to let in an invading Greek army: