Looking to involve fans with the creation of its European cover for BlazBlue (even though the game released in the U.S. last June, it doesn't hit Europe until March), Arc System Works turned to gaming forum/snakepit NeoGAF to produce and vote on the artwork. The publisher invited NeoGAF members to submit mock-ups, the community voted on 10 finalists to have their art featured in the manual, and then the company chose the winning piece.

Arc System picked forumer Radiantdreamer as the winner but worked with him to change the cover character from Ragna to Noel, keeping the original's feel. You can see the final PS3 and Xbox 360 packaging for the fighting game shown above, as well as the original artwork after the break. As usual, I've also included my favorites from the finalists below:

Radiantdreamer (final):

Radiantdreamer (original):