Love -- the indie, procedurally-generated MMO that's received significant press for its impressionist-style graphics and one-man development team (Eskil Steenberg) -- is now available to the public with an open beta, provided that you don't mind paying €3 ($4.29) for just 30 days of access.

If you're confused about why you need to pay to try out an incomplete game when so many other studios offer their betas for free, the fee isn't to line Steenberg's pockets. "[The donation] will be used to pay for servers and bandwidth," he explains. "If I didn't require testers to donate, I would only be able to take in very few testers. By taking donations, I can give more people the OPTION to test the game."

Steenberg says that testers can expect a large number of patches and updates for Love in the coming weeks, as he's adding a lot of the the game's sound and graphics. Still, the settlement-building MMO has come a long way since we interviewed Steenberg last March. You can sign up for a beta account and see more media for Love at the game's official site.

[Via @jimrossignol]