Digital archivist Jason Scott unveiled the beautiful throwback piece you see above as packaging art for Get Lamp, his upcoming documentary on the history of text adventure games and their creators. Illustrated by Lukas Ketner, the same talented fellow behind Panic's Atari 2600 boxarts, this artwork will grace the (two-disc) DVD case's inside three panels.

Scott says he's so happy with the commissioned artwork, he's looking into the possibility of creating high-quality prints and selling the image as a poster. He wants to hear from others, though, on whether they want to be notified if the poster ever goes on sale and what price they would like to pay for it. If you're interested, email him at [email protected] to sign up for a future mailing with further details.

The director also recently announced that watching Get Lamp is a "partially interactive" experience. Like the text adventures it examines, the documentary stops and splits into multiple directions, allowing different paths through the film. You can choose to ignore the branching feature and watch every clip or have the movie choose different paths for you:

"This is how I can have it have about 3 hours of movie (which is roughly what it is looking like) but not murder the audience. It will also allow you to address the Interactive Fiction story from multiple angles, which otherwise would be competing for your attention.

It will, of course, be possible to skip the interactive portion and just see the different mixes, and it will also be possible to say 'just go ahead and show me that 3 hour movie'. But this potential for having some amount of say on the film’s progress is, to me, part of the nature of interactive fiction, and the movie will reflect it."

You can read more updates about Get Lamp and interactive fiction on Scott's blog Taking Inventory.