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Blasting a new set of rather esoteric links, was interesting to start out with a piece (albeit a little old) from Brian 'Psychochild' Green discussing how the closure of his company Near Death Studios was handled in some of the larger blogs -- suggesting that flippant posts are easy, but they may not always be the right thing to do.

Also in this set of links - cyberpunk games discussed, pics for a Nintendo graphic novel, the Dead Rising live action movie weirdness, discussion of 'the spatially driven story', a rather sweet 'New Entertainment Manifesto', and more things besides.


Psychochild’s Blog » Game Journalism Fail
That there's some unnecessarily lazy writing, I agree.

selectbutton :: View topic - The New Entertainment Manifesto
Love this. Don't care if it's ironic.

The case for cyberpunk « schlaghund’s playground
'...Why aren’t there more cyberpunk games out there? There are a few I can think of, which I’ll mention later in this post, but really, it doesn’t get anywhere close to the number of fantasy games, outer-space sci-fi games, or historically set games.'

Important moments (and people!) in Nintendo... - Tiny Cartridge - Nintendo DS & DSi News, Media, Videos, Imports, Homebrew, & Retro Junk
Super cute illustrations for a possible Nintendo history graphic novel...

Storyboard: Duke Nukem Forever’s Spectacular Failure | Wired Magazine
Interesting, a podcast about a Wired story....

First Trailer for Capcom's Live-Action 'Dead Rising' Movie Emerges - Horror Squad
Wow, oddness in a made for Xbox 360 live-action Japanese thing: "The (non-English) trailer kicks off with a simple brothers-on-the-run story, but fret not as it soon starts exploding heads left and right before culminating in a zombie-destroying wheelchair that makes the spikey ride from A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors look like a kids toy."

The Anti-Aliasing Effect | DigitalFoundry
Nobody else online explains graphical tech issues in this consumer-friendly level of detail - bravo.

Plush Apocalypse: The Spatially Driven Story
'In games we certainly suffer from the lack of character driven writing, but have our own unique form of failure in writing – the spatially driven story. In this, the characters exist solely to provide rationale to place gameplay in interesting locales (either visually interesting, mechanically interesting, or both).'