[GameSetLinks is GameSetWatch's semi-regular link round-up post, culling from hundreds of weblogs and outlets to compile the most interesting longform writing, links, and criticism on the art and culture of video games.]

Wandering along to a new set of GameSetLinks, headed out to a new week, and we're started out with a neat editorial continuing the whole Bayonetta discussion along some other, equally interesting axes - more food for thought.

Also in this set of links - a wander around Mr Gimmick for NES in gorgeously annotated form, a look at freelance writing in today's Internet, a newish interview about Rock Band Network, a discussion on music games, more on the Smithsonian's video games exhibit, and more.

The really brave thing:

Infinite Lives » Video Game Feminist of the Decade: or, when “You” is a girl
Very neat editorial. Jenn will be guest editing GSW next month, btw, looking forward to it.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Lost Levels: Mr. Gimmick
Fascinating experiment in annotated NES game playthrough journalism from Cifaldi.

Q&A: Chris Melissinos -- Curator Of The Smithsonian's Art of Video Games Exhibition - G4tv.com
Exciting new exhibition on games and art upcoming in a couple of years, yay.

Press Pass: Mid-January Roundup > Kyle Orland > 1/14/2010 11:43 AM | Crispy Gamer
Some interesting ruminations on whether attending trade shows is worthwhile.

Pretending | The New Republic
Fascinating piece on music games and why they don't work for some.

Freelance writing's unfortunate new model - latimes.com
'The sooner they can take the free out of freelance, the better. Until they do, we can only imagine what we'll be missing.' Relevant to game writing as well, of course - but with the whole Internet writing, it's rough to see how it'll change significantly...

Charge That Windmill Article | Eurogamer
Jeez, Tom Bramwell and friends sneak some absolutely next-level, stellar game writing into Eurogamer (and doesn't have to) - much respect.

Examiner.com: Interview with John Drake, Rock Band Network Program Manager
Still super-stoked about RBN's 2010 debut - should be awesome.