[GameSetLinks is GameSetWatch's semi-regular link round-up post, culling from hundreds of weblogs and outlets to compile the most interesting longform writing, links, and criticism on the art and culture of video games.]

So, while GameSetLinks isn't quite as ubiquitous as it used to be. (Can you believe we used to post it daily?) But there's still some good RSS-trawling results here, starting out with Games Can Teach taking a look at some of those lyrical titles like Daniel Benmergui's that use words and gameplay in intriguing ways.

Also in this round-up, David Edery on where Facebook currently is on the hype and reward curve, as well as Digital Foundry taking another look at OnLive, Emily Short on 'storytelling via roller coaster', and a number of other neat things besides.

Super vision:

Games as Poetry | Games Can Teach
'What do these games have to do with education? Each one is using gameplay, text and visuals to tell a story that has an emotional impact... Creating an interactive experience that sticks with a player should be the goal of any educational game designer.'

Game Tycoon»Blog Archive » Facebook’s Early Glory and Inevitable Misery
'All of these are classic signs that Facebook gaming’s “early glory” phase is in full swing. You may therefore conclude, with 99% certainty, that Facebook as a games platform is likely within a single year’s reach of the “inevitable misery” phase of its lifecycle.'

In Theory: Is this how OnLive works? | DigitalFoundry - Eurogamer
As some commenters note, there is some SLIGHT backtracking here in comments and article on OnLive's feasibility. It's still a tough sell, of course.

Critical Distance | EarthBound
'5 years later most of what is written about EarthBound comes from the same Gen Y, now adults. Their declarations of love often appear in forum threads, comments on blog posts, and other secondary channels.'

Storytelling via roller coaster « Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
'There are people who review theme park rides. Did you know this? I didn’t, until a recent trip to Universal Studios.'

Eurogamer 2009 Scores Analysis
Wow, a third-party did this, and it's got gorgeous graphs all over it.

Fire Hose Games » Words of Wisdom: Mia Consalvo on Western Otaku Culture
'In this talk Mia Consalvo, noted game academic and all around kick-ass individual, delves into why we love Japan when it comes to games.'