As January continues on its inexorable path, it's time to go through the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus our GameCareerGuide features for the week.

Some extremely cool stuff in here - including a good design piece on designing for immersion, that Wii third-party game thing discussed again, a postmortem on Blitz's slightly overlooked Droplitz, a neat QA interviewing piece on GCG, and lots more.

Go for the win:

Third-Party Publishers React To Deflating Wii Bubble
"The Wii is a challenging environment for developers and publishers, and no magic solution has yet been found -- so Gamasutra examines the state of the market and speaks to publishers and analysts to get some perspective."

Designing for Immersion: Recreating Physical Experiences in Games
"There's long been a question of how much realism is too much, and how much is just right for getting players engaged in your experience -- and it's tackled here by developers from Retro, Guerrilla, DICE, and more."

Postmortem: Blitz Games' Droplitz
""What goes into making a downloadable game -- alongside a raft of other projects, with a changing staff? Blitz Games discusses the unusual creative and production process that lead to Droplitz.""

Moving Hardcore Gaming To The Web: Making History
"Can you take your game into the browser and gain in the process? Developer Muzzy Lane (Making History series) discusses the challenges and advantages of this approach in this in-depth tech-oriented article."

Leave 'Em In The Dust: CCP Asia On Chinese Collaboration
"More than a destination for cheap outsourcing work, Shanghai presents an opportunity for quality full-scale development, say Larry Herring and Jing Yu Zhu, key figures behind CCP Asia's EVE Online console shooter spin-off Dust 514."

GCG: Game Narrative Review: BioShock
"Unraveling the most successful narrative elements of one of the most lauded and literate games of this generation: 2K Boston/Australia's BioShock."

GCG: Acing the Test Interview: The Must-Have QA Skills They Never Taught You
"Interested in getting into a career in QA? Microsoft's Greg Derk lays out exactly how you should prepare for your job interview -- meanwhile pointing out that "great testers... are pure gold.""