If you're too impatient to wait for Nicalis's WiiWare game NightSky -- formerly Night Game -- you can play a game that looks an awful lot like it for free on iPhone (with downloadable level packs planned). Mobile Bros. just released Trundle, a puzzle platformer using tilt and touchscreen controls to navigate a ball through a series of obstacles.

Of course, it's possible for an indie studio to design a game around silhouetted levels and gradient backgrounds without ever having seen the Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren-designed NightSky, but the similarities in stage props, ambience, and mechanics are suspicious. You can compare trailers for both Trundle and NightSky after the break.

Mobile Bros. has acknowledged the "rip-off" accusations many gamers have made on forums and blogs, and says it took inspiration from a number of titles with silhouette styles and/or ball-based puzzle platforming, including Limbo, Feist, Red Ball, and Rolando.

"We’ve seen that many have been comparing Trundle with the up and coming Night Sky game for the Wii," says Mobile Bros.'s Robert Blackwood. "Although, similar in artistic style, these are two very different games with no affiliation with each other…. I have to add though that Night Sky looks purely awesome."

[Via TIGForums]