Heathcliff rights owner Fitz Roy Media has signed an agreement with Storm City Entertainment to exclusively create and distribute video games based on the troublesome orange cat over the next seven years. The deal is part of Fitz Roy's "strategy to extend the Heathcliff brand to new generations of children, tweens and young adults with new entertainment projects and merchandising".

Though Storm City's previous casual game releases are mostly for Wii and DS (e.g. System: Flaw, Vegas Party), the publisher says its Heathcliff-themed games will appear across all gaming platforms, and the first release will hit stores in fall 2011. Fitz Roy also has plans to put out a live-action/CG hybrid film similar to the Garfield movies with Magic Lantern Entertainment in 2011.

"We're thrilled to be involved with this project, and look forward to bringing Heathcliff to life in a series of all-ages games that will entertain and amuse," says Storm City Entertainment CEO Susan Kain-Jurgensen. "In an adventure-driven world of sass and attitude, Heathcliff is a role model, and the gaming possibilities that can be created for him are endless."

Hopefully, someone will pick up the right to also produce games based on Riff-Raff and The Catillac Cats!