One-man studio Spyn Doctor Games (Johannes Hubert) announced Your Doodles Are Bugged, a playful puzzle game coming to Xbox Live Indie Games next month for just 80 Microsoft Points, or $1. It revolves around "cute and squeaky bugs, which apparently have been hexed into the magic doodles of Doodleus the Master Doodler."

To help these hundreds of bugs trapped in Doodleus's colorful sketches, you'll use a magic pen to draw paths, bridges, and stairways to guide them across each stage and into a pot of magic honey (seems like an idea that would work great on Nintendo DS, too!). The game features unspecified unlockable content, as well as local and global speedrun record lists to compare your times against others.

You can see several more screenshots after the break, but you make sure you watch the trailer, too; the "Korobeiniki" soundtrack (a Russian folk tune that should immediately recognize from Tetris) in the clip is great!