Video game composer Tim "CoLD SToRAGE" Wright (Wipeout, Lemmings) has put out Gravity Crash Anthems, a 16-track soundtrack for Just Add Water's recently released PSN-exclusive Gravity Crash, now available to purchase for ₤9.99 ($16) or ₤0.83 per song ($1.34). You can stream the entire thing for free at Bandcamp.

The album not only features re-mastered and extended mixes of the retro shooter's 80's electronic music-inspired soundtrack, it includes several themes remixed in different styles: "laid back drum'n'bass, orchestral ambient, retro 80's, and Commodore SID Chip." And if you buy the entire 70-plus-minute album, you also receive a PDF download for a 19-page mini-booklet with album artwork.

"Writing the score for this game was a total joy for me!" says Wright. "Although I have to compose in all manner of styles based on the requirements of each project, my musical roots are firmly planted in the 80’s where I first discovered a love for electronic music. "

[Via Nobuooo]