Celebrating another year of continued existence, two indie game developers are slashing prices on their titles and passing their good fortune to fans. Petri Purho, now 27 years old, is running a "pay what you want" sale for his 2008 IGF Grand Prize winning game Crayon Physics Deluxe. From now until January 15th, can grab the acclaimed drawing/physics puzzle game for as low as $.01 or as much as $999 quintillion.

Swedish developer Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren, also now 27 years old, discounted his latest title Saira by 30 percent to $12 until January 20th. Released for PC just last month, it's a 2D puzzle platformer that has you exploring different worlds to collect parts for a teleportation device, which will reunite your character with her friend on a distant planet. You can buy Saira and grab a free demo here.

[Via CAG]