This tiny Out Run cabinet is the latest project from Pocket_lucho, who you might remember for his Neo Pocket Arcade, [PC-]Engine Arcade, and Pocket [Mega] Drive Arcade machines. He spent the past three months on this mini-arcade and isn't finished yet, but the controls, cabinet art, and illuminated sign already make for an impressive machine.

Pocket_lucho stuffed a mini-itx Zotac Ion board, a PSOne 5" LCD, a 250 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, and other hardware into the cabinet to make it all work. The unique wheel controller was pulled from a Sega Saturn Hori Zerotech SS controller. You can see more details on the machine's construction in the video past the post break and in this forum thread at ElOtroLado.

It's a shame this mini-arcade is based on Out Run's upright model and not the deluxe sit-down cabinet -- that way, if he ever gets tired of the miniature machine, he can turn it into a small drivable car for his action figures.

[Via Dusan Vlahovic]