legendsupd.jpg[We round up the top news and interviews of the last week from console digital download site GamerBytes, speaking to Capy, Arkedo, and more about their work in 2009.]

This week's big push for us was our sales analysis for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network - December 2009 was good for some, bad for others, but we also take a look at the top selling games of the year, and see where the downloadable space has come in the last few years.

But we also continued our tracking of developers and their reflection on 2009, chatting to developers of Xbox Live Indie Games, Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and DSiWare to see what they've learned over the last year.

And there's also our regular news on fresh announcement and games for each of the console systems - here are the top stories for the past seven days:

Originals: Sales Analysis

In-Depth: Xbox Live Arcade Sales Analysis, December 2009

In-Depth: PlayStation Network Sales Analysis, December 2009

Originals: Developer Reflections

2009 Developer Reflections: Mommy's Best Games
2009 Developer Reflections: Gaijin Games
2009 Developer Reflections: Twisted Pixel
2009 Developer Reflections: Nnooo

Store Updates

XBLA Update - Vandal Hearts: Flames Of Judgment, Death By Cube
NA PSN Store Update - Vandal Hearts, Championship Bass, Weekly Deals
EU PSN Store Update - VectorTD And Deals Aplenty
NA Nintendo Update - Dark Void Zero, StarShip Defense, Muscle March And More
EU Nintendo Update - Max & The Magic Marker Electroplankton And More

Microsoft (Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Indies)

Monday Night Combat Announced - Team Fortress Meets Horde Mode Meets Smash TV?
XBLA's shooter library continues to grow.

Slide Your Lazy Raider Around On Xbox Live Arcade
Your brain will be sliding around in circles with this puzzle platformer.

Sony (PlayStation Network, PSN Minis)

After Burner Climax Screenshots Leaked
The beautiful arcade title is coming down to XBLA and PSN.

Nintendo (WiiWare, DSiWare)

Trailer: Legends Of Exidia (Gameloft)
Gameloft creates new Action RPG for DSiWare.

Maestro! Green Groove Coming To DSiWare
Pasta Games' DS title goes downloadable.