For last weekend's Mini Ludum 15 competition (theme: clones of favorite video games), indie developer Mike Meyer created Monkey Kong, an homage not to classic arcade game Donkey Kong but to the portable cult favorite Game Boy Donkey Kong (a.k.a. Donkey Kong '94).

As with the original Game Boy release, Monkey Kong plays within an arcade cabinet border. Other than that, there aren't many similarities between the two. Meyer's Flash game has you controlling a small monkey collecting bananas. There are no enemies to avoid or kidnapped damsels to rescue, and you can beat each stage ("half-stage" might be the more appropriate phrase) in 10-15 seconds.

After a minute or two, the half-stages cycle, so it's a brief diversion. I found, though, that the real fun in this simple game is mastering the back-flip and trying to collect bananas by pulling off as many back-flips as possible. Maybe I'm just easily amused! Anyway, you can watch a timelapse video of Meyers creating all of Monkey Kong's assets and programming the game after the break.