Stuart Ashen, whom you might recognize from his Youtube reviews of (often awful) video game consoles and gadgets, is now putting together a show for BBC Comedy called Tech Dump, produced by Hat Trick Productions (Father Ted) and directed by Al Campbell (Screen Wipe, News Wipe). BBC Comedy even has a blog post detailing a day's worth of work creating the show!

In the episode above, after sharing a wise tech prediction, Ashen looks at several "forgotten" British video games from the '80s, such as SCAB, a short but cutting action title from the North Dereham Workers Liberation Party depicting "what life as a coal miner was like in [Margaret] Thatcher's Britain." Other games remembered: Prosaic Software's Realism Fighter and Soren Micros's Vinnie Vole's Existential Nightmare.

As you'll see in Ashen's playthroughs, it's impossible to win in any of the games.

[Via Born Under Punches]