Designed as a 16-button USB MIDI Board and controller, Dj TechTools's Midi-Fighter is a DIY arcade-style kit that will surely stand out from most DJing equipment (though probably not as much as the Steel Battalion controller jurry-rigged for VJs).

The $125 package includes everything you need to assemble your own customizable controller, except for the Sanwa buttons themselves. Dj TechTools has a separate order form for those so you can choose what colors you want to use for your setup, as the Midi-Fighter is designed for customization, from its mix of buttons to its removable acrylic cover, which you can add your own design to.

In the demonstration below, you can even see how DJ Ean Golden expanded the controller's hardware to add in a joystick! Dj TechTools has already sold out of its initial 150 DIY units but is already taking preorders for its next batch of 100 shipping out later this week. You can learn more about the Midi-Fighter and see a mock-up of a planned Special Edition design at Dj TechTools's site.