Developed by PigalleGame Family Entertainment Machines, a Hungary-based company that specializes in boxing and arm-wrestling games, Box4Sex challenges you to "Show you[r] lust is at maximum power, and prove yourself for the lady of your choice - with a sexy gift!"

Box4Sex offers a speed bag that you hit once as hard as possible. Depending on the strength of your punch, the machine will spit out (through a hole decorated with squiggly sperm cells) a capsule that rewards you with rings, thong underwear, and condoms! And if you beat the high score, you can play a free bonus game to win another pair of panties.

The machine is cluttered with text; I counted seven instances of the phrase "Play 4 A Sexy Gift". The middle circle has a particularly embarrassing message: "I'm Horny Let Me Play." There's also at least one section that shows a subtle variation of the title: "Box 4 Safe Sex".

You can watch a video of the Box4Sex machine in action after the break:

[Via Arcade Heroes]