Irem Corporation recently introduced R-Type: Flash of the Void, a 3D minigame version of its 2D shoot'em up franchise, to its online lounge in Japan's PlayStation Home. For those of you who haven't had a chance to check it out but are still curious about the attraction, Psyvariar has posted a photo tour of the minigame and Irem's virtual space.

Along with exploring the hangar of R-Type ships and the official gift shop, the photo set includes shots of Irem's festival area and the prizes you can win there. One of the prizes is a virtual R-Type fighter model that you can display in your PS Home apartment! It's not as impressive as the real thing, but it's much cheaper!

If moving images are more your thing, I've also embedded a three-minute video from R-Type: Flash of the Void below:

[Via @shmups]