I meant to write about exp., the new zine from Canadian video game journalist and oft GSW/Gamasutra contributor Mathew Kumar, when its first issue debuted last month, but the magazine was a quick seller and every copy was accounted for by the time I thought to commit a post to it.

After a second print run, the 32-page zine is on sale again, featuring experimental articles all penned by Kumar, including "Punch Out!! (A failed poem)", "Metal Gear Ac!d (An absurdly complex DIY boardgame for one)", "Red Faction Guerrilla (A dream of a spaceship)", and more.

He says the pieces are less reviews and critical essays, and instead are intended to "reflect the thoughts had while playing." You can purchase the first issue for $5 (before shipping) through the exp. shop. Kumar adds that these issues will never appear online, so grab a copy before it sells out again!