Earlier this week, I shared with you several stellar submissions from Valve's Team Fortress 2 propaganda poster contest, a competition pitting fans of the game's Demoman and Soldier classes against each other. The publisher counted more than 11,000 entries by the time it stopped accepting submissions.

Valve announced the top three posters, each of which receives customized in-game items. The grand prize-winning artwork was chosen for its excellent design and for capturing the spirit of a propaganda poster with a catchy slogan: "Give 'Em the Boot Right in the Fruit".

There are also 25 other runner-ups that the company will reveal later. I've included the first-, second-, and third-prize posters below, as well as two other impressive pieces picked out by Super Punch. The "We Can Do It" parody definitely deserves some recognition!

J.Axer's Dapper Topper's "Give'em The Boot" (first prize):

Amber's Rad As All Hell Item's "That Blue Devil" (second prize):

John Freeman's "Do The Right Thing" (third prize):

Anneka Tran's "TF2 propaganda":

Bob Strang's "We Can Do It":