With Blip Festival 2009 kicking off in Brooklyn this Thursday, you might need a guide to keep track of all the acts performing at the three-day chip music concert, as well as a primer on the non-music attractions and shows planned around the event. Thankfully, Zen Albatross has a thorough break-down of all the micromusic-related happenings in NYC this week.

There's a lot to keep track of before Blip even begins -- on Wednesday, the Silent Barn in Ridgewood will celebrate the grand opening of Babycastles, a new indie games arcade, with a free performance by Australian chiptune artist Little-Scale and a chipmusic soldering workshop presented by Loud Objects. Adam Atomic (Canabalt), Ivan Safrin (Owl Country), Tristan Perich (Killjet) and Kyle Pulver (Jottobots) will all appear at the opening to show off and discuss their titles.

Also make sure to leave your schedule open for afternoon screenings of 2 Player Productions's Blip Festival documentary Reformat the Planet on Friday and Reformat the Planet 1.5 on Saturday. And after Blip Festival 2009 is over, you'll still have two separate other chiptune shows to look forward to on Sunday from acts like Unicorn Dream Attack, Anamanaguchi, Starpause, and many others!

So, if you want to get the most out of Blip Festival 2009, make sure to print out Zen Albatross's guide for event info, times, and directions.