Finally, a new line of clothes to replace my Wu Wear wardrobe! Triumvir debuted its new line of Capcom-licensed clothing for its Shadaloo Psycho Brigade brand. The Shadaloo (not to be confused with "the shoobadoop"), for those of you who don't follow the Street Fighter series' story, is the crime syndicate run by Mr. Psycho Crusher himself, M. Bison.

The gear is similar to Fangamer's more subtle merchandise, opting to present a stylish set of militant apparel with logos alluding to the fictional organization, instead of doing something obvious like slapping a mushroom on the center of a bright green t-shirt, writing in big letters "1UP" underneath the design.

"What I wanted to do with Shadaloo Psycho Brigade was to create an unorthodox approach from the 'video game/anime x clothing line' genre that we are used to seeing here in the USA," explains Triumvir's creative/art director Brian Chen. "... In my opinion it is more about the concept of the Psycho Brigade character than the clothing itself, because the clothing was created for the character."

As a result of the thought put into the items (and the quality of the materials/construction), the Shadaloo hats/vests/shirts/tees/etc. are probably priced higher than what you're used to seeing with video game apparel. The Psycho Brigade “Cold Weather” M-65 Jacket with its Shadaloo unit/flag patches, for example, is $200. Preorders over $100 receive a free Pyscho Brigade Folded Skull Cap, at least.

I've included a few of my favorite pieces from the collection below, but you can see the full line on Triumvir's shop. Orders are expected to ship on January 8th.