Some backstory on this in-joke shirt: If you read Gamasutra's feature interview with Spelunky developer Derek Yu last week (and if you didn't, you should!), titled Pondering Indie Spirit, you might have seen the embarrassing but hilarious comment thread that actually had little to do with the topics discussed in the article.

In the comment section, indie developer Adam Coate lamented the lack of press coverage for his own title, Flytrap for Xbox Live Indie Games, criticizing Gamasutra for devoting a feature on what he described as a "Boulder Dash clone". A heated discussion followed involving other indies, gaming journalists, and Spelunky defenders, and Coate eventually posted the following:

"I apologize for my negative first impression, but after having spent a year of my life struggling to survive while I create a game that even my girlfriend didn’t believe in (which changed once she saw how blind playtesters reacted to it), it’s a little disheartening to just be completely ignored by the world. Miyamoto never had to work for press like this."

Orbus Gameworks president (and maker of the Meggy Jr. roguelike) Darius Kazemi described the statement as "simultaneously heartbreaking and legendarily self-delusional", and after some goading by Crayon Physics Deluxe dev Petri Purho to create a shirt based on that last sentence, he actually produced one with Matthew Wasteland!

And that's how the "Press Like This" shirt was born. Kazemi advertises, "Show everyone just how hard life is as an indie game developer! These real-life words succinctly capture the drama and the pathos of the struggling auteur." It's available for both boys and girls in several sizes and colors, and you can even purchase a "Macmillan Special Edition Stein" with the phrase!

Now that you know a little bit about the shirt's history, go read the 100+ comments that spawned its creation. The part where someone demands that Coate return his wife's GameCube game alone is worth spending half an hour reading the thread.