Some of the video games special edition bundles we see in the U.S. might seem expensive and odd -- Halo 3's Master Chief helmet and Modern Warfare 2's night-vision goggles for example -- but they're nothing compared to what Kenji Eno and his old company WARP bundled together for Enemy Zero's release on Sega Saturn.

Along with a copy of the 1997 survival-horror game, the package included a branded towel, a full leather outfit worn by one of WARP's "companion girls" at the developer's 1996 Tokyo Game Show booth, a replica of the gun used by the game's star, a mystery Sega Saturn-stamped CD-R, and more (see the full list after the break).

The set was so huge, it came in a crate and was priced at ¥200,000 ($2,264). WARP only produced 20 of the bundles, and Eno personally delivered each one to the buyers on a flatbed truck. They made a pretty big deal for a game that received mostly awful reviews!

According to GameSetWatch contributor Kevin Gifford, one of the 20 creates, #8, appeared on Yahoo! Auctions in Japan recently, eventually selling for ¥300,000 ($3,396). The winner didn't even receive a visit from Eno! You can see the full set below:

Special edition set's contents (as cataloged by Gifford):

  • A copy of the “regular” Enemy Zero special edition
  • A full set (leather outfit w/gloves, hat, tights, EO-logo badge and earrings) of the outfit worn by the companion girls at WARP’s 1996 Tokyo Game Show booth, designed by Yasushi Nirasawa
  • A towel embroidered with the EO logo
  • A model of an “enemy” corpse, complete with bodily liquid
  • A metallic bookmark
  • A flyer and ticket to an Enemy Zero art exhibit held in 1996
  • A set of press releases for Enemy Zero (back when these were faxed around instead of emailed)
  • A VHS video of Enemy Zero music clips
  • A large 3D lenticular sheet
  • A set of stickers
  • An Enemy Zero T-shirt
  • A replica of the gun Laura uses in the game, again designed by Nirasawa
  • Actual design documents used in developing the game
  • Floppy disks, envelopes, and paper bags with the WARP logo
  • A Sega Saturn-stamped CD-R (contents unknown)