Escalating the conflict between Team Fortress 2's Demomen and Soldiers (a war that decides which of the two classes receives an extra weapon when the game's next update releases), Valve is hosting a propaganda poster contest with prizes like a unique in-game item engraved with the winner's name.

The company plans to reveal the winners and post a gallery of entries next Wednesday, but dozens of user-created submissions from both sides of the war have already showed up online. Of course, I've picked seven of my favorites and shared them with you after the break. Go, Demomen!

AgentScarlet's "Enlist Demoman":

Derek Gangi's "Demoman Propoganda":

Fenomena's "Kaboom":

IgnisSolus's "Slay The Tyrant":

WhatThe's "Long Live The Bomb":

Flufflesthepancake's "Tf2- Propaganda Poster":

Tom Ball's "TF2 Propaganda Contest Entry":