Game journalist and GSW contributor Lewis Denby let us know that the first episode of Post Script, his experimental Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mod that looks to tell a "post-post-apocalyptic tale of humanity and inhumanity", releases in just a few days, December 18th to be exact.

Each of the planned five episode follows one of several characters recalling the second end of the world. Denby describes the concept: "Post Script examines the nature of society, how it shapes us and how it’s shaped by us. It asks how we respond to astonishing hostility and unexpected love. It raises big questions, but there’s a decent chance it won’t get round to answering them."

He compares the mod's storytelling to Tale of Tales's The Path but with a few lightweight environmental puzzles to solve as players contemplate about how the whole world "fell out of existence completely." You can learn a little bit more about Post Script at its official site and read an interview with Denby on the game's story at Games Modding.