The PlayStation Museum -- which, as its name suggests, serves as a virtual museum for all things PlayStation -- announced the recipients of its annual Game of the Year Awards, holding up Namco's Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary as the Game of the Year, Hammerhead's Jinx as the Import Game Of The Year, and Namco's cancelled Pac-Man Ghost Zone as the Unseen Game of the Year.

To honor those titles, the site posted developer interviews for the titles, and in the case of Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary and Pac-Man Ghost Zone, shared stories on the games' origins and postmortems written by the original designers. The never-released Pac-Man Ghost Zone has some particularly interesting revelations:

The Japanese home office was nervous about us making a Pac-Man game, so they told us that we couldn't use the real Pac-Man. Design Director Bill Anderson came up with a solution: A kid gets sucked into an old arcade machine and turns into Pac-Man.

That way we could tell Japan 'You are not really playing Pac-Man.' But that solution never sat well with the team - we wanted to play the real Pac-Man! Along with the ghosts, the game's enemies took inspiration from the story where you fought things like angry capacitors and flying RAM chips. All very tech-y (what can I say, we were in Silicon Valley in the late 90's!).

Make sure to look through the early concept artwork for the two Pac-Man games, too (I've included a couple after the break). One other thing to watch out for -- to celebrate the PlayStation's 15th anniversary, the PS Museum will feature a cancelled PlayStation game and its development history each month until September 2010. Some of the planned games include Jet Moto 2124 and Neversoft's Exodus!