As the two studios promised it would, Gaijin Games and Robotube posted a playable Flash version of the game the developers created together in just 18 hours during Blip Festival 2009. Titled Bit.Tonik, it plays like a combination of Gaijin's Bit.Trip series and Robotube's Bloktonik, using assets and ideas from both to create a Breakout-style puzzle game.

Robotube's Jason Cirillo admits that the game is far from complete, as it has no game over screen, includes a "crotch bug", features an incomplete scoring system, doesn't fully integrate chip musician Glomag's score/sound effects, and needs a lot of polish. He says this is all because the game was released exactly as it was when the "Battle of the Brands" event ended.

Cirillo adds that Robotube and Gaijin plan to further develop Bit.Tonik and will also release a video diary from the event, a postmortem, and other "special little secret treats." You can play the game on Robotube's site.