Pixeljam, the wonderful indie studio that brought you rad "neo retro video games" like Dino Run and Pizza City, have released another new title with Adult Swim Games, Mountain Maniac, which you can play for free online right now.

It plays a lot like pachinko (or The Price Is Right's Plinko game) but instead of dropping balls into a loud machine with bright flashing lights, you're terrorizing a small town at the foot of a mountain by knocking down a boulder, directing the giant rock into smashing cars, trees, animals, and even small aircraft along the way.

Mountain Maniac also has your crazed character battling sherrifs, SWAT teams, and bomb-dropping planes in between stages. And if you're not careful and accidentally hit Bigfoot with the boulder, he'll come up the mountain to teach you what for, meting out his own form of mountain justice.

[Via Digital Tools]