To promote Manitoba's media professionals and advertise the province as a creative hotspot, local industry association New Media Manitoba commissioned production company BlinkWorks to shoot a series of story-based profiles on eight studios in the area.

"The main goal was to create an exposure tool for these companies and the industry on a whole," explains BlinkWorks James Swirsky. "In this arena of New Media, Winnipeg has some really exciting stuff going on, but not nearly enough people know it. That sentiment was the basis for this project."

The studio interviewed local companies from a variety of industries -- video games, software development, animation, comics, web sites, advertising, etc. The video above is an interview with Alec Holowka, founder of Infinite Ammo (Marian, Paper Moon). I've included a profile with another game outfit, Complex Games, after the break.

New Media Manitoba will debut the full 45-minute production at a sold-out Digital Media Showcase event tonight at Winnipeg's IMAX Portage Place Downtown. You can watch more of the profiles on BlinkWorks's Vimeo page.