With some UK retailers refusing to stock Muramasa: The Demon Blade due to preconceptions that the Wii title won't sell, Rising Star Games, Muramasa's publisher in Europe, is turning to more creative solutions to get the word out about its release in Europe.

In Milan, Italy, the company's big guerrilla marketing idea was to dispatch a mini-dragon and a team of samurais up and down the city's Buenos Aires shopping district, yelling out, "Muramasa" -- a tactic that seems even less effective than just shouting "beautiful, ukiyo- styled graphics" or "hardcore 2D action for Wii".

At the end of this video, it looks like the street team set up a free sushi/play session event, which I guess makes up for dudes screaming "Muramasa" at you. I'd forgive anyone that yelled at me, however random or malicious their shouting might have been, if there's free food involved in the apology.