This didn't occur to me before but makes perfect sense to me now: with PixelJam's games released by Adult Swim and featured on the cable network's site, the channel promotes the indie web releases with TV commercials. So, don't be surprised if you see a spot for the addictive, Pachinko-like Mountain Maniac the next time you're watching The Venture Bros.

Pixeljam recently redesigned its site and shared its future plans, revealing that its two most recent titles, Sausage Factory and Mountain Maniac, are part of a four-game series called the 8-bit Rejects. The next two releases from the set will be Turbo Granny and Cream Wolf, both of which have fantastic titles and are meant to be "in poor taste".

The developer says it also has a winter-themed pinball game releasing in early 2010, an iPhone title in mid-2010, and a sequel to its Gamma Bros. shoot'em up that "won't be out any time soon. Of course, I'll keep an eye on those projects and will let you know if any news comes out on them.