Japanese toy manufacturer A-Label plans to release this beautiful model, a diecast replica of R-Type's "Madou Gokin RWF-9A Arrow Head" fighter craft in Japan next March. Unwilling to wait until then to take your money, import shop NCSX is already accepting preorders for $129.90 (!).

5.11" long, significantly larger than the shoot'em up ships in Yujin's Shooting Historica sets, this figure features a fully painted body, a purple cockpit canopy, and a Force Unit pod directly in front of the craft, protecting it from incoming blasts and any junk you want to throw at it while simulating a space battle at home.

The RWF-9A comes mounted on a gray plastic base that prevents your $130 toy from flying out a nearby open window. You can see more photos of the model, painted and unpainted, after the break.