A few interesting items showed up on eBay recently: Matt Hazard memorabilia from the action hero's decades old games like Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land, Haz-Matt Karts, Choking Hazard: Candy Gram, You Only Live 1,317 Times, and Matt Hazard 3D. A total of four actions have popped up, each offering t-shirts, drink coasters, and friendship slap bracelets, all '80s artifacts from Marathon Software's heyday.

This would probably be believable if Marathon Software actually existed and if the Matt Hazard series made its debut some time before February of this year. Those of you familiar with the faux-retro Matt Hazard franchise, from its PS3/360 "revival Eat Lead to its upcoming PSN/XBLA downloadable Blood Bath and Beyond, likely already suspected something was amiss, though.

The fabricated collectibles are for a good cause, as the seller plans to donate all of the proceeds from the auctions to Child's Play, the gaming industry-supported charity dedicated to donating toys and games to sick children in more than 60 hospitals worldwide. You can find links to all four of the auctions here.